Small Agatized Dinosaur Bone Fossil Earrings - Sterling Silver - Leverback - Dangle - Crystal Accents

$ 59.00

Authentic dinosaur bone fossil and sterling silver earrings with sparkling smoky silver faceted crystals: Perfect for a museum or gallery opening night.

Agatized dinosaur bone is among the rarest fossils in the world. This alluring gemstone from the mists of time is a wonderful choice for your favorite paleontologist, archaeologist, rock hound or nature lover.

The cell structure of the dinosaur's bone was preserved in stone as fossilization occurred.

These beads are dark gray with a few spots of reddish burnt orange mottling.

*** The close up photos greatly enlarge the appearance of the jewelry. You have to get close to them to see the pattern of the cell structure. From any distance, they appear as dark gray and silver earrings.

*** These are dainty dangle earrings.

These beads are from a dinosaur found in Moffat County, Colorado. They are from the Jurassic Period, Morrison Formation, 155 million years old.

The dinosaur was a Sauropod, a long neck type dinosaur, the largest land animals that ever lived.

The fossils were legally collected on private property with the permission of the landowner.

All of the earring findings are solid sterling silver and were made in the USA.

Earring Length: 1 5/8"

Size of the Dinosaur Fossil: 8 x 6mm

Weight for the pair: 2.3g

Hallmark: .925

The earrings in the photos are the exact pair of earrings you will receive.

The photos enlarge the appearance of the jewelry. Please be sure to check the measurements.

The earrings will be gift boxed.

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