Gold Plated Byzantine Necklace or Bracelet - 3 Times Thicker Gold - 18k Gold Plated from Italy - 75mil Gold

$ 69.99

These necklaces and bracelets come from Italy, world famous for high quality, hypoallergenic jewelry.

The base is jeweler's brass, perfect color to plate with gold.

Jeweler's brass is 85% copper alloyed with 15% zinc (same as in your sunscreen). It is extremely tough and durable.

75mil - 80mil thick of 18k yellow gold is layered on the jewelry.

Most gold plated jewelry on the market has only 5mils to 25mils of gold.

The chain is 5mm thick.

If you order a bracelet, be sure to order it 1/2" - 3/4" longer than you usually wear. The chain is so thick, it takes up length.

Example: I wear a 7" bracelet. In the photo I'm modeling a 7-3/4" length, and it fits me perfectly.

I can shorten lengths by 1/2" increments.

Just let me know when you order.


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