Genuine Dinosaur Bone Fossil Pendant Necklace - Nevada Turquoise - Antique Brass Bead - Solid Copper - Natural - Long - Layering - Leather - mb

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This awesome necklace includes:

Genuine Dinosaur Bone Fossil, Genuine Nevada Turquoise from the Godber Mine (tiny chip) and Montezuma Mine (nugget on top), Antique Solid Brass Bead, Solid Copper, Premium European Leather Cord

Agatized dinosaur bone is among the rarest fossils in the world. This alluring gemstone from the mists of time is a wonderful choice for your favorite paleontologist, archaeologist, rock hound or nature lover.

The cell structure of the dinosaur's bone was preserved in stone as fossilization occurred.

This bead is from a dinosaur found in Moffat County, Colorado. It is from the Jurassic Period, Morrison Formation, 155 million years old.

The dinosaur was a Sauropod, a long neck type dinosaur, the largest land animals that ever lived.

The fossils were legally collected on private property with the permission of the landowner.

The fossil disc measures 20mm in diameter and is 6mm thick. This is a tiny bit over 3/4" in diameter.

The fossil is dark green with a few red flecks, which you can see when you hold it close up. Viewed from a distance, it appears brown.

The pendant in the photos is the exact pendant you will receive.


The leather cord is fine quality, supple, soft European leather tinted with natural dyes.

Your choice of length from choker to long layering.

You can choose a fixed length necklace with a knot and loop closure, or a longer length necklace with adjustable sliding knots.

When you place your order, please let us know what length and style of leather necklace you prefer:  Loop & Knot (your choice of fixed length) or Adjustable Slide Knots   (22" - 30")  or  (22" -  36").


The jewelry will be gift boxed for you.

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