2 Tone Peanut Wood Fossil Earrings Petrified Wood Leverback Dangle Triangle Boho 925 Sterling Silver 14K Gold GF Brown Spotted 271537

$ 99.99

Beautiful and rare fossilized Peanut Wood from western Australia is set in 925 sterling silver in these two tone dangle earrings.

Peanut Wood Fossil is a wonderful, unique earring addition for the gemstone connoisseur or collector.

Peanut Wood formed during the Cretaceous.

Peanut Wood fossil was originally a conifer tree in western Australia. When the trees died, rivers carried them into the ocean, and they became driftwood.

A species of marine clam that loved to eat wood lived in the Australian sea.

The clam larvae could smell the driftwood and swim to it. They would attach themselves to it and start eating, They shaved off tiny particles of wood using the sharp edges of their shell as a rasp. In a few weeks they would excavate a deep tunnel into the soft, mushy wood.

Dissolved silica precipitated into the bore holes in the wood and replaced the woody tissues, converting the waterlogged wood into fossils (petrified wood).

The glossy cabochons are thin (3mm) for lighter weight.

The accent is a 14K Yellow Gold Filled seamless bead.

The silver has a sleek polished finish.

Light weight is kind to your ears.

Latching leverback wires keep them safely in place for you.

*** The earrings are smaller in person than they seem to be in the close-up pictures.

*** The photos enlarge the appearance of the jewelry.

*** Photographed with a dime (18mm coin) to show relative size.

*** If exact size is a concern, please refer to the measurements on a ruler.

Length from the top of the wires: 1 7/8"

Size of the gems in the frames: 5/8" x 11/16" (17 x 18mm)

Weight for the pair: 4.5g

Hallmark: .925

The earrings in the photos are the exact earrings you will receive.

The jewelry will be gift boxed for you.

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